Characters from Teen Titans Beauty and the Beast.


Prince Conner/Beast Boy - After his parents death, Conner was spoiled by the castle's servants. One night, Conner refused to let in a beggar, but she turned out to be a powerful enchantress named Dianna, called Wonder Woman. She cursed Conner, and turned him into a green beast-like creature called Beast Boy. Embarrassed of his monstrous form, Beast Boy has concealed himself in his castle. When Raven arrives, Beast Boy realizes that she could be his best hope of breaking Wonder Woman's spell, but what beautiful, self-respecting girl would ever love a beast like him?

Raven - Raised by Batman, Raven is a lover of books, and she sticks out in her town like a sore thumb. When Batman was captured and imprisoned by Beast Boy, Raven asked to take her father's place. Beast Boy agrees.

Blackfire - She's the mother of Clark. She is a big fan of tea, and she's very maternal to everyone, including Beast Boy.

Batman - Raven's step-father. Batman's an inventor, and when he went to the fair to show off his high-tech Batsuit, he lost his way and ended up imprisoned in Beast Boy's castle. He was released when Raven promised to take his place.

Wonder Woman - When she came to visit Conner, she cursed him upon seeing his selfish nature, she transformed him into Beast Boy until he could learn to love someone else and earn their love in return.


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