thumb|300px|right|Superboy is cursed.A video series made by DogoHalibar that uses audio from the musical to screenshots of Teen Titans, with DCAU scenes used for supporting characters.

The CastEdit

Superboy (Conner) as Prince Adam

Beast Boy as the Beast

Raven as Belle

Red X as Gaston

Blackfire as Mrs. Pots

Larry as LeFou

Kitty as Silly Girls

Batman as Maurice

Wonder Woman as the Enchantress

Superman as the Narrator

The PartsEdit

Part 1 - Prologue

Part 2 - Raven

Part 3 - No Matter What

Part 4 - No Matter What Reprise

Part 5 - Me

Part 6 - Raven Reprise

Part 7 - Home

Part 8 - Home Reprise

Part 9 - Red X

Part 10 - Red X Reprise