Real Name



Conner Kent


Half-Kryptonian, Half-Human




Superman, Teen Titans



Clark Kent ("brother"/Kryptonian genetic template), Kara Kent ("cousin")


Lex Luthor (Human genetic template), Lex Luthor's clones and LX-13 ("brothers", deceased), Tess Mercer ("sister"), Lionel Luthor ("father", deceased)


Super Strength, Super Speed, Invulnerability, X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision, Flight


Kryptonite (Green & Gold), Red Sunlight, His friends in danger


No information

A semi-OC for the Teen Titans, and a new Titan.


Superboy is very adventurous and enjoys fighting crime and being a Titan. He does take his status as a hero as he put people's safety over fighting Slade. He's also fairly intelligent and a quick thinker as he was easily able to deciver a Kryptonian bomb. He also has a sense of humor that's slightly better than Beast Boy's. He's also shown to be unwilling to jump to conclusions and willing to forgive enemies. He also would do anything to protect his friends


As an adolescent Kryptonian, Superboy has developed several Kryptonian powers, and he'll develop more as he grows. So far, he has super strength, which he relies on for fighting people like Metallo, and he's even stronger than Starfire. Super speed, he can run at speeds unheard of by human beings. He's also unable to be harmed from almost everything except Kryptonite. He can also fly. Shortly before Blackfire joined the Titans, Superboy developed x-ray vision and could now see through everything except led. He also develops heat vision shortly after Alex joins the team, and it's connected to his hormones. He later developed super breath after getting a cold during a fight with Walker.


Like Superman, Superboy has a vulnerability to Kryptonite. Immediate exposure will slowly but surely rob him of his powers, and prolonged exposure will kill him. As a half-Kryptonian, it takes slightly longer for Kryptonite to kill him. Also, when exposed to red sunlight instead of yellow, Superboy loses all of his powers and becomes a normal human. Also, like Superman, Superboy can't see through led. Also, Gold Kryptonite can rob Superboy of his powers. A weakness he shares with Robin is that he can't let his friends be hurt, which has almost gotten him killed or worse on occasions.


Teen TitansEdit

Grandson of KryptonEdit

Metallo (Justice League Unlimited)

Metallo confronts Superboy during his first mission with the Titans.

A new Titan with connections to the hero, Superman. When Superboy asked to be a Titan, he proved himself by lifting 600 steel blocks in the training room. He then proved that he could walk the walk when he assisted in fighting Metallo. Superboy then charges at Metallo, but he's caught and exposed to the Kryptonite in Metallo's chest. With help from the other Titans, Superboy recovers and tosses Metallo into the sea. He then relaxed with the others.

Return of SladeEdit

112 033

Slade threatens to blow up the street if the Titans touch him.

While he was reading The Hobbit, he was alerted by Robin that someone was attacking the Federal Reserve. Superboy then learned with the others that their opponent was Slade. Superboy then rushed at Slade, but he easily avoided him by moving slightly so that Superboy hit the wall. Luckily, he wasn't hurt, but he did remark that it was a good way to clear the sinuses. When Slade revealed that if the Titans laid a finger on him, he'd use a series of bombs to blow the whole street up, Superboy took charge and took Starfire and Raven with him to look for the bombs. He then finds one of the bombs on a McDonald's and disables the other two soon afterwards. Then, when he hears a shrill sound from the last bomb, he goes into the sewers with the others and discovers the final bomb, which was Kryptonian. Thanks to training with his father, Superboy was easily able to disable the bomb. He then arrives as the other Titans stop Slade, and Superboy walks up and is disappointed that it's just one of Slade's drones. Superboy then thought about the bomb's Kryptonian design.

Clash for ControlEdit

Clayface (Justice League)

Clayface attacks.

As Superboy became more ingrained with the Titans, he began to argue a lot with Robin, more often then not, arguing over whose mentor was the greatest hero, with Superboy claiming his father was. When Clayface was attacking a prison, Superboy and Robin argued over who would lead and eventually agreed to go with Superboy's plan. Superboy then led Raven and Cyborg to one side of Clayface while Robin led Starfire and Beast Boy to the other side. Superboy then agreed with Robin's plan to beat Clayface through heat. Superboy then had Starfire try attacking him. Superboy then called out a Sonic Boom when Starfire failed to defeat Clayface. He then had Starfire attack again. After that, Clayface pulls Superboy into his body in an attempt to suffocate him. Superboy's then freed by another attack from Starfire. He and Robin then work together to have Clayface beaten away by a team-up attack from Beast Boy and Raven. They then agreed that they made a good team and agreed to co-lead. Later, Superboy looked over notes with Robin and confirmed that the bomb was definitely Kryptonian.

Terra's BackEdit

203 062

Superboy's new teammate, Terra.

Superboy later learns about an on-off depression Beast Boy's been going through ever since it was revealed that Terra was alive, but she didn't have any of her memories. When they saw Terra being carried off by Slade's drones, Superboy led the chase. At a cave, Superboy fought of a large drone as the others followed Terra's captors. Superboy then runs around and tricks the drone into smashing its head off. Superboy then tried to save Terra, but the machine she was trapped in was surrounded by Kryptonite, so Superboy couldn't get near it. He was then shoved into an red-sunlight energy shield by Slade. Superboy is then released by Terra after she remembers her past and regains control of her powers.


102 027

Blackfire, Superboy's new teammate.

As Superboy sees Blackfire running off with a bag full of money, he suddenly sees that her skeleton is green. Due to seeing the green skeleton, Superboy was the first one to believe Blackfire could be innocent. Later, while working out with Cyborg, he suddenly sees through the outer layer of Cyborg's skin and plating to find all the wires and flesh underneath. He then accidentally looks into the girls' changing room but doesn't object. Realizing his x-ray vision came in, Superboy uses it to look at Blackfire's skeleton, and he confirms that she was innocent as her skeletons a normal white color. The Titans then fought the fake Blackfire, and she was strong enough to wind Superboy. Superboy then has Terra let the impostor down after she reverts to her actual form of a sixteen-year-old girl. She then hugs Superboy. Conner then took Tina, the girl, to Jonathan and Martha Kent to look after. Superboy later wondered whether or not Blackfire should join, but he was out-spoken by Starfire who agreed at once.


Duela Dent

Duela confronts the Titans.

A few nights later, Superboy was one of the only Titans to be fully refreshed by a night's rest. Soon afterwards, the alarm sounded for a bank robbery, and they confronted the robber, Duela. Duela then revealed that she just robbed the bank to draw out the Titans. Duela then flirted with Superboy, calling him handsome. She then shot Superboy with a Kryptonite bullet but was saved by Raven when she used her abilities to extract the bullet and turn it into led. Superboy then destroyed the gun Duela was holding, but he let her go in favor of saving the people in the building when it began to collapse. Superboy then remarked at how weird Duela was when she applauded their success and gave Superboy a coy wink. Superboy also pondered about a man Duela mentioned as hiring her named Zod.

Another EyesEdit

107 078

Superboy saying that nothing was wrong with being a girl.

Soon afterwords, Superboy talked on the phone to Martha to check up on them and Tina. He then learned that treatment Tina was being given by Wayne Enterprises, while not getting rid of her powers, were returning her to her proper age. He then said good-bye when a close by Raven looked at him for disturbing her meditation. Superboy then admired a puppet version of him that had a removable jacket and light-up eyes. When Superboy hears something funny, he checks with Raven, and they end up meeting Ra's Al Ghul and Talia, who have used Puppet King's notes to trap the Titans in puppets as super-powered body guards, and he has Terra hold Gold Kryptonite close to Superboy to keep away his superpowers while Cyborg restrains both him and Raven. Superboy's then released when Raven knocks Cyborg and the controller away with her powers, but when they run into the sewers, they discover that they've accidentally switched bodies. Superboy is the more freaked out of the two as their friends' souls have been captured, he and Raven are on the run from Ra's Al Ghul, and Superboy's in a girl's body. He quickly omits the last part when Raven looks at him angrily. When Raven suggests that they tell each other about their pasts to make it easier to work together alone, Superboy goes first and explains how instead of being Superman's son, he's a partial clone of Superman's as he was created by Cadmus shortly after Superman's last fight with Darkseid. He then explained that some blood from that fight allowed Cadmus to combine that blood with an artificial egg cell created from DNA from Lois Lane. He was then freed by Superman when he mentally and physically reached 15. Over the next year, he was raised by the Kents and named Conner Kent by Clark and also named Kon-El for his Kryptonian DNA. After telling his story, they were confronted by Ra's again, and when Ra's holds the puppets that house their friends' souls over a fire, Superboy uses Raven's abilities to save them and cause the controller to fall into the fire, and they all return to their rightful bodies. Ra's then escapes with Talia. He later questioned Raven about her past.

Speed Demons 2.0Edit

508 055

Kid Flash challenges Superboy.

Soon afterwords, Superboy agreed to a race with Kid Flash to see who was the fastest boy in the world. The first one to complete five laps around Jump City would win. In the middle of the race, they slipped on a piece of ice. Superboy then decided that they should call for back up before looking in a cabin for the perp. He then asked Kid Flash to tell himself and the newly arrived Robin, Raven, Speedy, and Jinx about Captain Cold. Superboy then comes up with a plan and they spring Cold's trap and end up frozen. Robin then arrives and frees Superboy with a Birdarang. After the police arrived, Superboy and Kid Flash prepared to finish their race.

Kryptonian BrawlEdit

Jax-Ur and Mala

Superboy formally meets Jax-Ur and Mala.

Superboy later sees a news report from Edge City about the evil Kryptonians, Jax-Ur and Mala, attacking Edge City. Superboy then says that it's nice to meet them when they arrive. Superboy then punches him in the mouth before Mala smashes his face into the ground. After punching Mala away, Jax-Ur grabs him, and Superboy gets pounded by Mala until Superboy puked on her boots. Superboy then tosses Jax-Ur into one of Mala's punches, and he knocks both of them down. Superboy then refuses help from the others as he doesn't want them to get hurt and continues to fight Jax-Ur and Mala alone until Mala beats Superboy down and begins to continually blast him with his heat vision. He's then saved by the others. Superboy then comes up with an idea and has Raven hold Jax-Ur and Mala until he comes back with the Phantom Zone Projector. Superboy then seals Jax-Ur and Mala in the Phantom Zone. Superboy then returns the Projector and falls to sleep on the couch.

Mr. Mxyzptlk Strikes BackEdit

Mxyzptlk (Superman)

Mxyzptlk appears.

While Superboy and Raven were patrolling the city, they saw a small man nearly get hit by a car when he disappeared, and the car turned into bubbles. They then meet the person again when he pops out of a newspaper comic Beast Boy shows them. He then introduces himself as Mxyzptlk, with Superboy getting spit in the eye as he pronounces it. Superboy then tricks Mxyzptlk into saying his name backwards by asking how he and Raven are supposed to say it. Three months later, during breakfast, Superboy tricks Mxyzptlk back to the Fifth Dimension by saying hello to him as Mr. Kltpzyxm. Three months later, Superboy gets rid of Mxy again when he tricks him into spell-checking a letter to his mother when he purposely put in grammatical errors that caused Mxy to spell out Kltpzyxm. Three months later, Superboy explains to Blackfire and Starfire that they're expecting a visitor. They then realize he's back when a one-and-a-half version of Beast Boy walked by, followed by the other Titans being turned into toddlers. Superboy then learns from Mxyzptlk that the only way they can get rid of him for good was to get him to reveal his name backwards twice in a row, and they pretended to give up and were living to get things for the now Toddler Titans when they led Mxyzptlk on a chase around Jump City that led to Mxy sky-writing his name backwards, twice. Superboy then said good-bye to Mxy and sighed with relieve about everything returning to normal, though both he and Raven smirked at Starfire, who was still napping on the floor and sucking on her thumb.



Conner meets Zod.

Superboy then became obsessed with finding out who Zod was, so he checked the Kryptonian records to learn all he could about him. After that, he became obsessed with trying to figure out how Zod escaped the Phantom Zone. When Zod declares that he and Slade are going to use a Chronotron Detonator at the pier. They ran off to stop them, but Superboy was furious when they saw that nothing was there. Superboy then led them through the sewers when they realized Starfire could lead them to the detonator due to her allergies. Superboy was then separated by one of Slade's giant drones and after punching its head off, and he follows a door to where Zod and Slade are. Superboy is about to attack Zod, when he grabs his hand and pushes him back. Zod then explains that the detonator was a trap like Slade's trap, and the Titans end up infected with new probes that Zod upgraded with a cloaking device so perfect that they could escape all Earthly means of detection. Superboy then learns that Zod wants him as an apprentice, and Superboy is forced to "Kneel before Zod if [he] wants [his] friends to alright." Superboy then abandons his Titans outfit and puts on an outfit similar to Zod's.

Superboy's first mission for his knew master was to steal components for a new thermal blaster from Powers Technologies. When he was cornered by his former teammates, he flew off. Superboy later tossed the components to Slade and began fighting Zod but was only beaten down again. He was then ordered to use the new thermal blaster until his heat vision comes in. He was then sent to Wayne Enterprises for some reason where he again ran into the Titans. Superboy then beat down Robin, Starfire, and Blackfire. He then fights with Beast Boy in his lion form before dodging an attack from Cyborg that ends up knocking Terra out, and Superboy then tosses Beast Boy into Cyborg. Raven then confronts him with a shard of Kryptonite as Superboy holds the thermal blaster to her. Raven then allowed the Kryptonite to drop down, asking for Superboy to finish her off if he really does work for Zod now. Superboy lowers the weapon when Zod has Slade activate the probes, forcing Superboy to attack them to get Slade to turn the probes off. After that, he attacks Zod again, and he manages much better at this point, even being able to knock Zod down. After that, he tears Zod's symbol off his chest and tosses it down. He's then attacked relentlessly by Zod, and when he threatens to destroy the Titans, Superboy's about to submit again until he sees a black/white glow on Zod's hand and flings him into the screens. He then uses the Phantom Zone Projector Cyborg brought to suck Zod back into the Phantom Zone. With the revelation that the Titans found and got rid of the probes, Superboy goes back home. Superboy then thanked everyone and said he missed them, especially Raven. He then promised to always be there for them.


106 073

Raven looks surprised when Superboy shouts that he's fine at her.

Shortly after the Zod incident, Superboy let Raven check his room out for an interesting book. He then knocked his head into the door as he tried to leave and ended up trapped in Raven's closest as he screamed to be let out. He then insists that he's fine after Raven lets him out. When there's a robbery at Jump City University, Superboy leads the way. They then run into the Daughter of the Scarecrow and exposed to his fear toxin. Superboy then believes he's trapped in the test tube he was born and grew in. As Raven tried to help him out of the fear, Superboy admitted that he was claustrophobic and begged to get out. Through Raven's coaching, he quickly realizes that there's nothing for him to be afraid of as he can simply break out of places he's trapped in, and he breaks free. Superboy then helps break Cyborg free of the illusion he's trapped in. Superboy the helped Beast Boy break the illusion by promising no one would eat him. Superboy then tried to comfort Starfire, but he was beaten up by her as she thought he was a spider. Superboy then catches the Daughter of the Scarecrow and tosses her to Robin where he figures out that it's really Duela.

Mind of a HeroEdit

Krypton (Justice League Unlimited)

The area of Superboy's mind where his wisdom dwells.

While chasing after Dr. Light, he threatens to hurt Superboy's mother, and Superboy begins smashing him into a wall repeatedly until Raven cocoons him in her energy. Raven then sent herself, Starfire, and Robin into Superboy's mind. In a room that looks like Cadmus, they discover Superboy's inner-child huddled in a corner. He begins to cry out of fear and loneliness until Starfire picks him up and consoles him. When they were about to leave to continue their search, Superboy begs not to be left alone. They then meet Superboy's courage in a mental manifestation of Metropolis. Superboy then directed them to where his main consciousness was. In the next area, modeled after Krypton, they met the manifestation of Superboy's wisdom, Kon-El. Kon-El then directs them to where Superboy's main consciousness is. They then arrive at a farm where Superboy's man self, Conner, arrives. Conner then explains that the Zod encounter has allowed his anger to begin to get out of control when Superboy's anger, represented by Zod, arrives. Conner's then encouraged by Raven to use all his strengths and aspects of himself to regain control of his anger, so he calls out all sides of his mind, including his rudeness, which his inner-child found hilarious. Conner then united with all of them into Superboy, and he defeated Zod, who turned back into what he, as Superboy's anger, usually looked like and rejoined him. After that, Conner thanks them and offers to cook them lunch, which would be toast.



Krypto after Superboy meets him.

While he's out in the park, Superboy meets a golden retriever with powers similar to his own that he plays fetch with for awhile when it follows him home. Superboy then names him Krypto after Krypton. He also thinks he and the Titans should keep him since he was obviously genetically altered. When Krypto then proceeded to eat Blackfire's boots and drool on Cyborg's car, Superboy promised to clean the car and buy Blackfire a new pair of boots. He then tried to shrug off Krypto drinking out of the toilet. When a man begins to rob a bank, Superboy goes to stop him, but he's stopped from attacking due to Kryptonite laced into the machine. When Krypto defeats the robber, Superboy calls Krypto a good dog. He then welcomes Krypto to the Titans after everyone agrees.


JL 204 228

Superboy's new friend, Alex.

Later, while relaxing in Smallville, Conner went to scout around Smallville and ended up saving a man named Alex Luthor from a car crash. A few days later, Alex gave him a truck as a thank you, and Alex arrived to convince Superboy to take it as Superboy was reluctant to take it due to Superman teaching him that he shouldn't expect rewards for helping people. He did accept it as a gift from a friend and figured he could ask his mother to talk Superman into letting him keep it. He then assured Alex that he'd get used to Starfire's zeal. They then faced a revealed to have returned Lex Luthor when he used a remote controlled Lexo-Suit to fight the Titans, and Superboy smirked about how he wouldn't have to hold back. Superboy's then subdued by a Kryptonite blast from the robot. Superboy then trusted Alex's word when he said he had no idea that his dad was planning anything. Superboy then welcomed Alex to the Titans when he disowned his father.

In HeatEdit

101 050

The Titans' reaction to when Superboy's heat vision activating.

While watching an antelope mating dance on television, Superboy asked if it was getting hot in there and after looking at Raven, he took a look at the fridge to avoid doing anything embarrassing, and it burst into flames. Superboy then ran from Cyborg until he ended up squished beneath the door. He then tried to attack several scarecrows in the training room, but he couldn't comfortably allow himself to do it until everyone left the observation area, and he set all the scarecrows on fire with his heat vision. He then practiced control by lighting candles. He then rushed to fight a girl who was having men steal from Lex's labs. Superboy then witnesses the girl, Exotica take control of Beast Boy and Cyborg's minds. He then destroys both of them. After getting Robin under her control, she tried to get Superboy under her power and asked him to take care of the bad girls. Superboy then throws Exotica into the wall. When Exotica tries to escape, he used his heat vision to super-heat the door, so she couldn't escape. After that, Superboy tried to say that he wasn't thinking of anything when his heat vision first developed, but it came out all squeaky and ruined the attempted result. He then tried to lie about Krypto pooping in Blackfire's shoe, but that came out squeaky too.

Toddler TitansEdit

Little Superboy

The four-year-old Superboy.

Later, while chasing Ra's Al Ghul, Superboy was exposed to a chemical that apparently did nothing to him until the following morning when Superboy is physically and mentally regressed to a four-year-old. He then proved he was Superboy when he lifted up the couch. He was then lifted up by Raven's abilities and cried until Blackfire comforted him. Superboy later lifts Blackfire up to grab something before she yells for Superboy to let her down, which he does. He then refuses to take a nap until Blackfire promises to read the two of them a story. He then goes to sleep as he hugged Krypto with Raven. The next day, Superboy climbed up the refrigerator to grab a box of cookies, claiming that it was more fun than flying up, but he was got by Blackfire. Superboy then told Raven to shut up about telling him they should have flown before Blackfire angrily told Superboy to never use that expression again. The next day, before he was given the liquid that would restore him to his proper age, he hugged Blackfire and was turned back into his proper age. Superboy then commented that it was nice being a kid again.

Night on the TownEdit

Shortly afterwords, Superboy asks Raven if she'd like to go to Smallville with him to visit his grandparents and Tina. They then head off for Smallville in the S-Truck, an upgraded version of the truck Alex gave Superboy.

Teen TyrantsEdit

Etrigan (Batman 2)

Superboy meets the Demon.

Superboy later met the Demon Etrigan and learned that Killer Moth and Kitten had stolen the branding iron of Morgaine LeFey. Kitten then uses the Branding Iron to split Superboy into two Superboys, the normal one and an evil one. Superboy was the first to believe they were in big trouble with another version of them running about. The Titans then went to confront Kitten while she was causing trouble with the Titan copies, the Teen Tyrants. Superboy then fought an even battle with his Tyrant counter-part. Superboy was also one of the only Titans to remain standing after fighting his counter-part. He then came up with a plan to stop Kitten. Superboy then grabs the branding iron and tosses it to Robin who undoes Kitten's spell and turns everyone back to normal. Superboy then tossed a pillow at Beast Boy when he said it was easy.

Moody RavenEdit

411 022

Raven makes pancakes.

When Superboy eats some of Raven's pancakes, his eyes water, but he pretends to like them. When Beast Boy made Raven cry and go to her room, Superboy suggested apologizing to her. Superboy was also the first to realize that Raven was going through her time of the month. Superboy then goes to talk to Raven and convinces her to come out. Superboy then comforts Raven throughout the rest of the day, and he then said that helping her out that day was no problem. He then asked who her crush is, and he accepts it when she says that she doesn't wanna say.

Going HomeEdit

Bizarro (Justice League Unlimited)

Superboy meets Bizarro.

When Alex presented his Lexo-Power Suit 5000, Superboy was very impressed. Superboy then ended up captured by one of Lex's meta-humans. He's then contained in a cage that emits red-sunlight radiation. Superboy then learned that Lex financed his creation by Cadmus. Once he and the other Titans are let out, Superboy sees that Slade's working for Luthor, and he shows them a new and improved Bizarro, who now has freeze vision and fire breath to match his reversed logic. Superboy then asks how Lex came back, and Lex explained that he simply sent himself to Cadmus where he anonymously financed Superboy's creation and planned to use him against Superman until Hamilton told Superman. He's then frozen by Bizarro when he tries to take Lex down.

Superboy then began to use his heat vision to break himself free. He then freed the other Titans. Superboy then learned that Alex was created at the lab they entered in the some process that created Superboy. When Bizarro began fighting Alex, Superboy pushed Bizarro off of Alex. As Bizarro turned on Lex, Superboy stopped Bizarro and encouraged him to be like Superman, to be a hero. Superboy then prepared to take Lex in when he starts a self-destruct system and escapes. Superboy then makes sure everyone else gets out as the building collapses. When Raven is trapped by a rock, Superboy helps her out and is urged to leave by Bizarro. When the building collapses, Superboy went to see if he survived, but all he found was Bizarro's dead body. Superboy then attends Bizarro's funeral and is comforted by Lois.

Father and SonEdit

Superman Justice League Unlimited3

Superman arrives at the Tower.

Superboy was aware of someone coming to the Tower. When Superman arrived, Superboy asked how Superman was. He then went to Star Labs with the others to go on a mission with Superman. He then said hello to Hamilton. Superboy then sees some pumpkin pie in the fridge and agrees with Superman's silent request to eat something nutritious first. He then pulls out several pizzas for the team to eat. They then arrived at a distant planet to deal with a monster that was terrorizing the populace. Superboy then came up with an idea to distract it with Superman, Starfire, Blackfire, and Raven while the others tried to see why it was attacking. When Terra calls out that there's something in the creatures foot, Superboy calls out for everyone to fight, and it's revealed that the monster simply had a thorn in its foot. Following that, the Titans return home with a blue dog that the king of the planet gave to the Titans for their help.

Titans Go to GothamEdit

Bruce Wayne (Justice League)

Bruce Wayne before leaving the Titans to watch Gotham.

Superboy then wondered what Batman needed Robin for when his other communicator went off. He then went to Gotham with the other Titans per Batman's request. Superboy then said that Batman could trust them to watch the cave for a few days. Superboy then said hello to Batman once he showed the other Titans who he was. They then went to deal with Killer Croc. Superboy then slammed Croc in the head with two trash can lids. At the Manor, Conner gave a toast to a good time defending Gotham.

Ghosts of the PastEdit


Zod's robotic form greets Superboy.

Conner then managed to calm down an excited Krypto as he rushed around. He the asked Alfred to just call him Conner. He then went to the carnival on a tip from Gordan and ran into Ra's Al Ghul. He then offered all of them the chance to leave if they defeat several mechanized versions of their worse enemies. Superboy then faces off against a mechanical Zod that punches him in the gut. Superboy eventually manages to punch the mechanical Zod's head off. When Superboy and the other Titans reconvene at a hypnotized Beast Boy's location, Superboy smashes a mechanical Mad Mod to pieces. He then comes up with the idea for Terra to kiss Beast Boy to snap him out of his daze.


Joker (Justice League)

Joker when Superboy meets him.

Superboy later wondered if they'd run into the Joker during their time in Gotham. Superboy then rushed up to foil a bank robbery by Joker and Harley Quinn. Superboy then blocked several bullets from Joker's gun. Superboy then ended up shot by a Kryptonite bullet Joker got from Luthor. The bullet is then removed from Superboy by Robin. Superboy then knocks Joker out after he's tied up. After that, he went to sleep.

Poison Ivy's PollenEdit

Poison Ivy (Batman II)

Poison Ivy meets Superboy.

Superboy later went to the Gotham wax museum to protect the crown jewels on one of the figures. He then explained to Beast Boy that having x-ray vision didn't make him a lie detector. Superboy then confronted Poison Ivy. Superboy then overpowers Ivy and takes her to Commissioner Gordon. When Ivy turned Blackfire into a baby, Superboy used his x-ray vision to try and find her. After Blackfire is found, they take her to the Mansion, and three days later, Blackfire returns to normal while she's being fed, and Superboy jokes about how cute she looks in her high chair.

Mystery of the CatgirlEdit


The Catgirl.

Six days after Blackfire returned to normal, Superboy was still making fun of her, mostly about Blackfire needing a nap. He then agreed to stop after Blackfire shouted at him. Superboy then answered a call from Gordon and learned from an apparently new ally named Catgirl, the apparent daughter of Catwoman, that Two-Face was planning something. Superboy then explained dissociative identity disorder to Terra. They then arrived at Two-Face's lair as several of his men arrived. Superboy easily took care of their guns by speeding around the room and leaving them in pieces. Superboy then beat up the men with the other Titans and Catgirl. When the team cornered Two-Face, Superboy rushed to Two-Face and destroyed his gun. Superboy then learned that Catgirl was actually Duela. Superboy then convinced Duela not to kill Two-Face and was kissed by her before she willingly went back to New Arkham with Two-Face. Superboy then asked Duela to take care of herself.

Bats and TitansEdit

Bane (Superman)

Bane as Superboy prepares to fight him.

Eventually, Batman returned and asked for their help in fighting Grant Walker, and Superboy helped Starfire figure out that another enemy to face there would be Bane. Superboy then insisted more than ever on helping Batman after learning about Bane and his involvement. Superboy later calmed Beast Boy down after they learned that they would work with not only Batgirl but Mr. Freeze. During the investigation, Superboy assured the Titans that they were clear just before he fell through a weak point in the road they were on. When Bane arrived to fight, Superboy confronted him. After avoiding several punches, Superboy handled Bane with a blow to the stomach. After remeeting with the others, Superboy confirmed that Walker was behind a locked door and used his heat vision to blast the door down. Superboy then points out a spot on Walker's suit to get an excuse to wind him with a knee to the stomach. Superboy then ended up frozen by Walker in retaliation. Superboy is then carried to the Batcave by Starfire where he thaws. The trip home was delayed due to adjusting to Raven's broken leg. Superboy then refused Blackfire's idea of giving him soup until Blackfire forcibly stuck some in his mouth.Superboy then refused Blackfire's offer of a nap until Blackfire shouted for him to take a nap. Superboy then rested while Cyborg finished his work on the T-Sub.

Cold AirEdit

411 045

Plasmus being frozen by Superboy.

After returning home, Superboy was forced to stay on the couch with Raven due to the cold he was developing due to the fight with Walker and ended up wearing Raven's cloak. Whenever he tried to get up, Blackfire shoved him back down. Superboy also denied being cold as he stated that he was only wearing Raven's cloak because it was flattering. When Plasmus was attacking, Superboy tried to get up again, but Blackfire, Robin, and Raven insisted that he stay. Superboy insisted on helping until Blackfire threatened to put him in a giant high chair in the souvenir room. While watching the fight between the Titans and Plasmus on the screen, Superboy insists on helping until he sneezes, and he, Raven, and the couch their on is blown back by Superboy's brand new super breath. Thanks to super breath being activated, Superboy flies Raven to the fight and demonstrates his super breath by blowing on Plasmus, freezing him solid. When Raven is stuck in the high chair for going out with her broken leg, Superboy gives her some tea with a straw.

Dog's DayEdit

Superboy was present when Krypto accidentally destroyed Cyborg's refridgerator with heat vision. He then headed out for a bite to eat.

Tamaran AgainEdit

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Raven smiles at Superboy's joke.

When Starfire announced that she had been talking to Galfore, Superboy asked who that was and learned that he was like a surrogate father to Starfire. On the way to Tamaran to visit, Superboy suggested that he and Raven might end up dancing, which provoked a laugh from Raven. Superboy then asked why Raven wouldn't date him. Superboy then suggested a blind date scenario that kept him at square one. On Tamaran, Superboy became nervous when Galfore bowed to him. After that, he asked Raven why he couldn't be her boyfriend again. While walking around a market place, Superboy commented on how nice it looked before swallowing the helium in a balloon and asking Raven why she didn't want to go out with her, and when he heard her say indirectly that she would want to, he smiled. While in an arm wrestling match with Galfore, Superboy asked if Raven would go out with him if there was a nuclear holocaust, and he was the last man on Earth. Superboy then won the arm wrestling match and thanked Galfore when he complimented on Superboy's strength. Back at the Tower, Superboy asked Raven to tell him why she wouldn't go out with her and accepted that she wanted to safeguard their friendship. Superboy then got on top of Raven and wrestled with her for fun.


Lois Lane (Justice League Unlimited)3

Lois interviews the Titans.

Superboy was the only one aware of Lois' interview with the Titans and told them that she was coming tomorrow. Blackfire then had Superboy clean the ceiling. Superboy put his foot down when Blackfire advised getting new clothes. When Lois arrived, Superboy hugged her and assured her that he was eating right. Superboy then got embarrassed when Blackfire told Lois about when Superboy was turned into a child. He defended his choice not to fly up to get the cookies by saying that climbing made it more fun. When Lois asked why Superboy joined the Titans, he explained that he wanted to help people and figured the Titans could use some extra muscle. After the interview, Superboy said good night to Lois and promised to visit Metropolis more often.


  • Originally, Superboy had no name besides "Superboy". Later, Superman gave him the Kryptonian name "Kon-El", to show that he considered him family. He has adopted the secret identity of "Conner Kent", posing as a younger cousin of Clark.
  • Superboy is also known as Experiment 13 and Project: Superman.
  • Conner and Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) have a close friendship and relationship and Kara even considers Conner her "cousin" just as much as Kal-El.
  • In the Comics Conner was in a relationship with Wonder Girl.