Rorek of Nol (just a first name, Rorek) was a powerful wizard and enemy of the dragon Malchior.


Rorek of Nol was a powerful White sorcerer in Europe 1,000 years ago. He went out to battle the evil dragon Malchior, but found that his opponent's magical and physical powers vastly outmatched his own. As a last resort, Rorek used his spellbook as a focus to imprison the dragon inside it with an ancient curse. Later on, he chronicled this titanic battle in the book.

What happened to Rorek afterwards remains unknown; it is assumable that he died of old age. His identity was usurped by the trapped Malchior, who exchanged his name for Rorek's in the book's pages and vice versa to faciliate his eventual release by Raven. However, shortly afterwards Malchior was cursed back into the book, which was then kept under lock and key until Malchior's re-release by the Brotherhood of Evil.

Power RangersEdit

Rorek is a Samuel's identity of Crest of Fang after he died in old age, but spirit possesse Samuel to join side as revival form. After Samuel is Self-Destruction to destroy Roger, Rorek is still exist as possessed Samuel in Samurai. As Holland destroys the Crest of Fang symbol, Rorek was killed however. Fortunately, Eureka saying he is her husband, Rorek was revived as one, but still exist as possessed Samuel.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Rorek possessed highly powerful mystical abilities as an experienced and formidable wizard, having mastered many arts of European Earth sorcery in his prime. He was quite knowledgable in the mystic arts both of White and Dark magic, though he evidently was a White sorcerer.

Established effects of his magic were his capability to fire energy bolts, earth control, and creating magic shields. The true extent of his magical powers remain unknown.

As Samuel was possessed, he joined by Samuel for great job to seal Malchior. His powers are increased and fuse with Samuel's attacks

  • Fusion Cannon is combination of Kamehameha and fire energy bolts. Possessing the power of Light&Dark Kamehameha then create the ultimate attack.
    • Light Kamehameha was white Kamehameha who possessing the power of Crest of Fang.
    • Dark Kamehameha was black Kamehameha who possessing the power of Crest of Fang.
  • Rasen Solarfire is the new inproved version of Rasengan.


  • Rorek seems to bear a slight resemblance to the character "Sheik" from the Legend of Zelda video game franchise.
  • It is notable that even after the identity-swap was figured out, Rorek still bore an M on his armour.
  • Strangely, Rorek is shown to have mascara and is seen to be feminine in appearance, despite being a male.
  • Rorek's name is likely based upon Hreoric, one of the sons of Hroogar (or Hrothgar) from the Old scandanavin epic poem Beowulf.
  • This is only person is not seen in Super Sentai.