Nightstreak is a Teen Titans fanon character and a powerful member of the team. 

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Vital statistics
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Gender male
Race human
Faction Teen Titans
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Status good
Location Titans' Tower



Powers, Gear and AbilitiesEdit

Insectrix Forms:Edit

Nightstreak was formerly in possesion of a device that allowed his armor to shift to various insect-based forms, including the folllowing:

  • Nightstreak [Basic] (Mechanical Tail shoots Bioelectric Blasts; Web-shooting; Climbing)
  • Armite (Wrist Saw Blades; Acid Sprayers)
  • Ball Weevil (Chemical Orbs; Plasma-Gathering)
  • Cannonbeetle (Impermeable Shell; High-speed Rolling)
  • Crashhopper (High Leaping; Wrist Barb-Blades)
  • Explodant (Grenades; Super-strength)
  • Eyeblast (X-ray Vision; Eye Lasers)
  • Hypnotick (Hypnotism and Light Mind-Control; Flight; Intangibility)
  • Humoungosting (Unfinished Transformation; Powers were to be massive size and nuclear blasts)
  • Silverblade (Freeze Jets; Aquatic Mobility)
  • Slamworm (Rapid Burrowing via Drill Nose; Jackhammer Arms; Slime-shooting)
  • Sonicada (Superspeed; Sonic Screech)
  • Trilomight (Aquatic-negating Armor {reinforced for deep sea travel}; Enhanced Tail; Electric Pulse Shots)
  • Terroranchula (Unfinished Transformation; Powers were to be electric webs that function as shields, wall-climbing, extra arms with blades at the end other than hands, and spiked armor)
  • Whirlopede (Rapid Spinning; Multiple Arms {4 arms})

Upgraded Form (Ultimate Nightstreak):Edit

However, due to a recent upgrade, several of his abilities have been combined to form powerful skills:

  • Energy Disruptor [Right Wrist] (Eyeblast's Lasers, Humoungo's Atomic Blast, Trilomight's Electric Pulses, Ball Weevil's Plasma, Crashhopper's Wrist Blades)
  • Ball Form (Cannonbeetle's Ball Form)
  • Ball Bombs (Ball Weevil's Chemical Orbs, Explodant's Grenades, Basic Form's Webs)
  • ONE MEAN PUNCH!!! (Sonicada's Superspeed, Cannonbeetle's Invunerability, Slamworm's Jackhammer Arms, Explodant's Strength)
  • Enhanced, Web-shooting Tail (Basic's Webs, Slamworm's Slime, Trilomight's Enhanced Tail)
  • Absolute Zero Cannon [Left Wrist] (Eyeblast's Lasers, Humoungo's Atomic Blast, Silverblade's Freeze Jets, Crashhopper's Wrist Blades)
  • Supernova (Ball Weevil's Chemical Orbs, Explodant's Grenades, Terroranchula's electric webs, Humoungo's Atomic Blasts)
  • Other Skills: Superspeed, Invunerability, Aquatic Mobility, X-ray Visor, and Flight.

LEGO Teen TitansEdit

Ultimate Nightstreak is an unlockable story mode character, though not till later.

  • Abilities: Acrobat, Cracked, Dig, Electricity, Grapple, Hazard, Ice, Invisibility, Projectile, Super-Senses, Shield, Super-Strength, Hyper-Strength, Tech, Web.
  • Unlock: Beat Level 13: Carried Away.


  • "Pull those pants up, pal! What do you think they are, low riders?"
  • "What? I have a face, too!"
  • "She's feisty; I like it!"
  • "I think I'll stay here for a little bit; there's almost always a cutscene after the credits in movies like this."


  • Nightstreak is currently dating Blackfire.
  • Although he seems unstoppable, his suit is actually very susceptible to chemical damage.
  • Nightstreak was believed to be dead for a time in the gap between the Nightstreak Saga and the Joker's Vengeance stories, as a close-range explosion rendered him temporarily comatose.
  • His World (Nightstreak's Theme)