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Miya was born and brought up in the north pole, she has a british accent and her family is unknown, as she likes to keep her personal life private. She has freezing powers and can turn her shoes into ice skates by pressing a button on her belt. She cannot use her powers in places with low moisture in the air.

Meeting the TitansEdit

A monster was attacking the city so she decided to go stop it, as the stomping was giving her a headache. She quickly, and easily froze the monster and kicked it, it then smashed into pieces. Miya realized there were 4 other people attacking the monster, embarresed she apologized and was ready to head off, but then Crow, decided to make the teen Titans. Having a sudden admiration for Crow, she agreed.

With the TitansEdit

She had many adventures and missions with the Titans, being private at first, but allowing people intio her life. She soon became good friends with Festino and admired Crow from afar. She had many akward moments when somthing she would say intending to tell him how she felt, but he not gettign the message. After some missions, she became more powerful and learnt a new technique, walking on water.

Fall of the leaderEdit

When Crow left to join The leauge of E.V.I.L Miya was devistated. But she took it on herself to be the one to stop him.When she found him about to blow up a volcano to kill many endangered animals, she pleaded with him to stop. They fought and finally he saw sense but it was too late, as soon as he stopped he fell into the volcano's core.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Miya was a very sarcastic and skeptic girl, but she could be vey friendly and open at times.When she was not using her powers, her hair was a light blonde and her eyes blue. But as soon as she activated his powers, her hair would turn blue and her eyes a deep yellow, she was also very pale. Her freezing powers came in handy but she was useless in a fight in hot places, shuch as the volcano battle verses Crow.