These are a list of Teen Titans Fanon episodes. Each season consists of 13 episodes. A total of 6 seasons, 78 episodes, and 1 special were made.

Season 1: 2006Edit

# Title Summary Airdate
1 The Return of Puppet King Puppet King is brought back to life due to his accident in the season 1 episode “Switched”, and he makes Robin and Beast Boy switch bodies and makes the other Titans get their spirit thingies trapped inside little wooden puppets of themselves. February 4, 2006
2 The Mysterious Life of Terra Terra comes back to rejoin the Teen Titans team and stays with Beast Boy and apologizes to him forever. February 4, 2006
3 Flood Warning Aqualad warns Robin, Beast Boy and the others about a humongous flood coming towards Jump City, but the Titans will do anything to put an end to the flood. February 4, 2006
4 Trigon Doesn’t Exist Anymore Raven brings her team mates up in order for them to tell the truth about Trigon to see whether he exists or not. February 4, 2006
5 Petrification Curse Cackatrice, a new evil monster is turning everybody into stone statues, but the Teen Titans and Titans East will take him down force by force. February 4, 2006
6 Chimpified Twins Mas Y Menos get transformed into chimpanzees by Mumbo’s evil magical powers, but the Teen Titans and Titans East will do anything to help transform them back into their original selves. February 4, 2006
7 Movie Adventures The Teen Titans and Titans East get sucked in through a movie projector and they can’t get out ‘til they complete all 17 tasks. February 11, 2006
8 Stuck In A Sand Pit The Teen Titans and Titans East get trapped in a sand pit and can’t get out. February 18, 2006
9 Speedy’s Origin Speedy reveals to Robin and the others about his child hood past. February 25, 2006
10 Monsieur Mallah’s Rampage There’s trouble ahead when Monsieur Mallah goes on a rampage in Jump City, but the Titans will do anything to stop him from crushing the city buildings. March 4, 2006
11 Honey I Shrunk The Titans: Part 1 Professor Chang shrinks Robin, Beast Boy and the rest of the Teen Titans gang with a magical shrink machine. March 11, 2006
12 Honey I Shrunk The Titans: Part 2 The Teen Titans and Titans East must figure out a way to reverse themselves back to their original selves. March 11, 2006
13 Mysterious Wax Museum The Teen Titans and Titans East explore a haunted mysterious wax museum not only to find Control Freak there. April 8, 2006

Season 2: 2006-2007Edit

# Title Summary Airdate
14 Return of the Hives: Part 1 The Teen Titans are still in the city, as new places have opened, and some of their favorites have closed. Meanwhile, underground, Slade prepares to launch a final assault of the Teen Titans once and for all. But first he must get a few warriors to help him, includeing unfreezeing the Hive 5. October 21, 2006
15 Return of the Hives: Part 2 Although the Hives failed with a sneak attack to the tower, it seems like Slade and is robot army are not interested with the Titans,but a different purpose that even the Titans haven't figured out yet. October 21, 2006
16 The Thing That Lurks Inside When Plasmus lurks in the Titans Tower, the Titans must capture him. But can they without destroying their tower? November 3, 2006
17 Fame and Destruction When a famous Movie Star producer falls in love with Starfire and decides to make a movie about, she accepts as she falls in love to. But is Robin suspicious about him or just jealous about Starfire. November 10, 2006
18 Repaired When Cyborg goes to the new auto-shop for some repairs, he will he find that this shop does repairs a different way, a way where Cyborg and is shut down and is taken part by part. Will the Titans come in time to save him? November 17, 2006
19 Mission: Frozen: Part 1 When the Titans get a mysterious call to come to the "Brotherhood of Evils" base, they find that the Freeze machine has made a new monster that can freeze people in a instant. Who is this, where did he come from, and why do more and more of him keep appearing? December 30, 2006
20 Mission: Frozen: Part 2 After learning that these Frozen Monsters were made by the freezeing machine, they finally shut it off. But now they are up against many of these Freeze monsters, and when getting Froze 1 by 1, they get help from some old friends. December 30, 2006
21 Mission: Frozen: Part 3 Teen Titans and some of their arch enemies (includes the Master of Games, Madam Rouge, Controll Freak, and Cinderblock) fianlly destroy all the Ice Monsters. But now it's a battle between the Teen Titans and these Unfrozen Arch Enemies. December 30, 2006
22 Transportation When the Teen Titans decide to hide all the their frozen enemies and the Freeze machine, they run into the H.I.V.E. Now winner gets the Freeze Machine and loser will be frozen. January 6, 2007
23 All at Random Slade starts making attacks of random and odd places like bookstores, malls, museums, and business offices. Does Slade's army have a malfunction or is this part of Slade's new plan. January 13, 2007
24 Teleport When a new villian starts robbing stores by teleporting, the Titans must stop her. But this enemy beats all, as this girl and teleport whenever she wants, wherever she wants. January 20, 2007
25 Numerous War: Part 1 When Billy Numerous from the H.I.V.E.S decides to go his own way and face the Titan, he steals a power suit from Slade. Now he's powerful, and can clone himself to make a full army. Now the Teen Titans must face the powers of Slade multiplyed into many different clones. February 10, 2007
26 Numerous War: Part 2 Slade tracks down the "Power Suit" Billy Numerous is wearing, and unleashes his robot army and the other 4 H.I.V.E.S against him. Now the Teen Titans must need a little help from Slade to get rid of Numerous. February 10, 2007

Season 3 (2007-2008)Edit

# Title Summary Airdate
27 Gadget When a new enemy, Gadget, comes from space to destroy the planet, meets the Teen Titans. But now when the only one that can defeat him is Cyborg, he's met his match since Gadget is fast, powerful, and is half alein half Cyborg. August 24, 2007
28 Debt Billy Numerous now faces Slade, as for forceing Slade to destroy the "Power Suit" he was saveing instore. As for this case, either Billy must destroy the Teen Titans, or face Slade's punishment of betrayel. Even without the Power Suit, Billy is still pretty strong and can still clone himself. The Titans may need some help from Titans East. August 24, 2007
29 Side Note Slade plans out his project and leaving the Titans alone for awhile. But now the H.I.V.E Five is the Titans arch enemy, and even Slade wants to defeat them. August 31, 2007
30 Plan When the Titans realize that the H.I.V.E is robbing things that have to do with Outer Space and Crystals for Slade, can they figure what this all means. August 31, 2007
31 Now for all Systems: Part 1 When Control Freak gets unfrozen, he goes to face the Titans one last time. But this time he'll transport them all into a Video Game where it will be broadcasted all over the world when they lose. September 1, 2007
32 Now for all Systems: Part 2 After Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg have all ready been defeated, its just Robin and Starfire left. But when Control Freak reveals that the Last Level is impossible to complete, will the Titans be stuck in the Game forever? September 1, 2007
33 Team Leader After loseing badly to the Teen Titans, the H.I.V.E Five decides to elect a leader for the Team. But when this election turns into a deadly battle, who will rank on top as the H.I.V.E Five Leader? October 29, 2007
34 Sister to Sister When Blackfire comes to Earth, claiming she's good, she asks if she can join the Titans. But after their history with Blackfire, they all don't trust her. But if Blackfire can prove that she's now good, will the Titans take her in. October 29, 2007
35 Fire Rage: Part 1 Blackfire betrays all the Titans and sends her own Gordanian Warriors to invade Earth. Now that the Titans have been thrown out of there tower, and the Gordains are taking over the city, can they stop this invasion before they take over the world? November 30, 2007
36 Fire Rage: Part 2 While the other Titans fight off the Gordanian Army, Starfire goes to confront her sister in the Final Battle between the two. But when Blackfire gets on the edge, is this the end for Starfire? November 30, 2007
37 Captured: Part 1 Slade captures Jinx and tells her that she has one last chance to become a villioness and join the H.I.V.E Five, or be destroyed. Now that Kid Flash has fond out where Jinx is, but dosn't know where exactly Slade's base is, he will need a little help from the Titans. February 2, 2008
38 Captured: Part 2 While the Titans fight off Slade and the H.I.V.E Five, Kid Flash goes to confront Slade and save Jinx before it's to late. February 2, 2008
39 Around the World in 80 Seconds When Kid Flash takes a stroll to see Titans East, he ends up agreeing to a race beween him and Mas+Manos. But do the H.I.V.E Five have different plans for the some of the fatest Teens on the planet. February 9, 2008

Season 4 (2008-2009)Edit

# Title Summary Airdate
40 H.I.V.E Academy When Kid Wykyyd decides for the H.I.V.E Five to take off on Slade and start their own school, the team agrees it is pretty risky, but accepts. There they will train the best students to become part of the H.I.V.E Five. October 6, 2008
41 Academy Girl When the Titans decide to have one of their own invertigate the new H.I.V.E school, Jinx volunteers to pretend to be back with the H.I.V.E. But when the H.I.V.E Five tells her that she must work her up in ranks and become a student at the school, and only when she gets good grades, may she join the H.I.V.E again. But when she starts enjoying being back with the H.I.V.E Five can Kid Flash snap her out of it. October 7, 2008
42 Recruiting a Team When the Teen Titans decide to recruit a couple of Titans to make a new team, Titans North. But when everyone is busy with their own city, can they recruit a Team? October 8, 2008
43 Prepare for Titans West! Now that Hotspot, Wildebeast, and Red Star have appeared, Jinx and Kid Flash can all form together to make a new Titans Team, Titans East. But as they arrive with the help of Beast Boy, they will make their own enemies. October 9, 2008
44 Star Pupils When the H.I.V.E Five Academy has gone very sucessful, the H.I.V.E has banded these villians into Teams from A-Z. But when Slade arives its time for the students to defend their school. October 10, 2008
45 Team Game: Part 1 When "The Master of Games decides to take in the 3 best Teen Teams, and 3 Best Evil Villian Teens, he plans to pit them against each other in a tournament. Now the Teen Titans, Titans East, the H.I.V.E 5, the H.I.V.E A, the Brotherhood of Evil , and the Doom Patrol must battle it out. March 7, 2009
46 Team Game: Part 2 After defeating the H.I.V.E 5, there are only 3 teams left, which are the Brotherhood of Evil, Titans East, and the Teen Titans. But when the Master of Games reveals one team will come back, who will it be? March 7, 2009
47 Team Game: Part 3 After being forced to battle and defeat Titans East, the Teen Titans move on to the Final Step against the Brotherhood of Evil. Now the Titans must defeat the Brotherhood, freeze them, and then defeat the Master of Games once and for all. March 7, 2009
48 Final Decision Slade has finally finished his plan by gathering the 10 Rare crystals and a book on legends on how to use them. Now with the 5 metor rocks all he needs is each of the Titans DNA. April 6, 2009
49 H.I.V.E Rebuilding When the H.I.V.E 5 escape again with all their students, they travel were nobody would think to find them. Nobody but Titans West that is. April 7, 2009
50 Phase Two Now that Slade has a lock of the Titans hair, he now only has a couple of steps from finishing his plan. But when a Jinx is secretly spying on him, can she stop him from finishing his plan. April 8, 2009
51 The Brotherhood is Back Now that the Brotherhood of Evian has been unfrozen from being in the Master of Games' tournament, they are now free. Now they must search around the Globe for the Freeze Machine to unfreeze their men, but when the Titans go after them, it becomes a Global Chase. April 9, 2009
52 Mind Puppet Now that Slade has brainwashed Jinx,he plans to send her to spy on the Titans, will his plan suceed when she's clueless? April 10, 2009

Season 5 (2009)Edit

# Title Summary Airdate
53 Eastern VS Western When Titans East and West both want to guard the Titans Tower why the Teen Titans are gone, it becomes a big Titan Fight that winner will recieve the rights to help the Teen Titans and maybe get a little reward from it all. Episode Note: Since Jinx is still brainwashed, and is leading Titan West, she starts up this fight.Slade intends to destroy Titans East, and controlls Jinx to lead the team against them to do so. July 4, 2009
54 Remembering When Jinx uses her powers to destroy the Titans West Tower, can Kid Flash help her get her memorey back, or will she be brainwashed by Slade forever? July 11, 2009
55 Returning Now that the Titans have sucessfully captured and froze all the remaining enemies from "The Brotherhood of Evil", they return to their tower, only to find Titans West and South trashed the place. July 18, 2009
56 Finding When Slade sends his robots to search worldwide for a certain Super Hero, one that he has plans for, one that they are closelly related, by blood. July 25, 2009
57 Switch and Conquer: Part 1 Slade captures Robin and when Robin wakes up he finds himself in the Titans Tower. Everything seems fine, but no new mission have come up in days. Not only that, but the other Titans are demanding Robin to stay inside and rest. But when Robin sneaks outside for training, he heads over to check around in the city, only to crash into a wall. It was a wall-sized painting of the city, and this whole place isn't the city, but what is it? August 28, 2009
58 Switch and Conquer: Part 2 Robin realizes he is in a ware house, and that all the so-called Titans in the fake Titans Tower are robots. But it will be hard to beat these robots. And will his friends find him, or are they dealing with a robot of Robin? August 28, 2009
59 Call for Help Speedy arrives at the Titans Tower all raged and beaten up telling them that the Titans South Tower is gone, it blew up, and they got attacked by hundreds of Slade's men. All Titans are notified to split up into groups and find the Titan South Tower. But when Titans start dissapearing what can all this mean? September 5, 2009
60 Survival Slade's robots track down the man to complete his project. But meanwhile members of the Titans keep on dissapearing, and the Teen Titans find this wierd, especially since they have lost complete track with all of them. September 5, 2009
61 Hostage: Part 1 When Beat Boy runs into the "new" Terra, she notices he was the freak who was stalking her for awhile. After he trys to talk her into friendship again, he is told to leave. But after she is attacked 3 times, all 3 times him saving her, there must be something going on between her and Slade. October 31, 2009
62 Hostage: Part 2 After the Titans finally seeing Terra for their very eyes, they all try to bring her back to their side, and try to make her remember. At night Terra is haunted by dreams of this, and then she is captured by Slade after turning the Titans down. Now Beast Boy and the rest of the Titans willl have to save her and help her remember. October 31, 2009
63 Memories and Secrets After the batle with Slade, he escapes, and Terra confronts that she has been having dreams of a different life, her with Super-Powers. But it always ends with her sacrificeing herself and destroying a masked guy.But then when she met Beast Boy, she started remembering more and more. She soon remebered most of it. But she still thinks its a dream and turns down the offer. November 6, 2009
64 Trying As they unhook Terra from Slades machine (they were in his base in the last episodes) Beast Boy scans her memorey and unopens a different part. The one where it showed Terra entering some light, and then being given a 2nd chance, to make it the way she wanted, giving up her powers, memories, but she still remembers. After they leave Slade's base, Terra claims "shes going back to her family", and form her memories Beast Boy saw, she actually had one, but how? November 13, 2009
65 Like Father, Like Son Slade reveals the person he hunted down before was indeed, Jericho. After revealing that he is Jericho's father, he plans to use Jericho's powers, and go back in time to controll Trigon and dominate the World. November 20, 2009

Season 6 (2010)Edit

# Title Summary Airdate
66 Stop the Domination The day turns cloudy as the Titans find Slade up on a roof. He reveals that he will use this type of machine so advanced, that he can take certain things from time. It takes a lot of power, but after hacking into the world's source of energy, he gets anough. Will the Titans destroy his droids and confront him before he relases this Death Machine? January 1, 2010
67 Calling All Titans: Part 1 As Slade unleashes his Time Machine, the count down ends. It is time. Robin calls all the other Titans because they need back up, but the other Titans arn't responing. Even wierder, the communicators arn't even responding. Why has every Titan dissapeared? February 26, 2010
68 Calling All Titans: Part 2 The Machine reaches zero, the countdown is complete. A huge flash leads Robin to having Flash Backs of the Teen Titan History. Is this the end? February 26, 2010
69 The End of the World: Part 1 A huge wave comes across the wole world. In Slade's base, Jericho is hooked up to a machine. The Machines all of sudden are transported to where Slade is, and Trigon appears. The whole word then turns to the way it was 2 months ago, when Trigon enslaved the world. Only this time the people have survived, and are scared like crazy. Slade then trys controlling Trigon with Jerichos powers being shot out from a Light Beam, but will his plan suceed? March 5, 2010
70 The End of the World: Part 2 As people run around in terror, Slade realizes his Time Ray Machine isn't powerful enough, even with Jericho's powers. Even worse, a small part of Trigon left in Raven has emerged and combined with his old self to create a new body. But the Worse is yet to come, for Slade planned to power Trigon up using Ten Rare Crystals and Metior Rocks, along with the power of all the Great Legends in time. Now Trigon has harnests this power, and everyone has given up hope, even the Titans. March 5, 2010
71 The End of the World: Part 3 The Titans to decide to keep on trying, gathering up and trying to save people. But Trigon and his minions are destroying the world, and not even the best of Super Heroes can stop him. The Titans decide to join up with Slade once again to travel deep into the ground for shelter, but is this really a trap set by Slade to finish the Titans himself? March 5, 2010
72 The Bad of an Enemy: Part 1 Slade takes on all the Titans and ends up winning in the battle. The only Titan left standing is Robin, giving these two the fight of their lives between them two. April 2, 2010
73 The Bad of an Enemy: Part 2 Robin countinues to fight Slade, and uses all his power to defeat him in this Final Battle. As Slade falls in the lava pit and is burned away in front of the Titans eyes, Slade's face is finally revealed. And its someone the Titans never expected on, especially Robin. April 2, 2010
74 Confusion Robin is suddenly confused by who Slade really was. Bruce Wayne. But how can this be. Bruce was his father. Why would he want to take over the world? Will Robin ever find out? May 7, 2010
75 Blasted Away The Titans decided their next target is Trigon, but one of Trigons blasts kills them all. It this the actual end for the Titans? May 14, 2010
76 Recovery Where are the Titans? What is this strange place? Are they dead? The Titans are trapped in their old memories. Revliving all the hard and difficult missions. May 21, 2010
77 The Middle Batlle: Part 1 The Titans have been recovered, and have gained strange powers for a short time. All the remaining Titans across the land team up to fight Trigon. But after all this is it still no use? Or can Raven lock Trigon away forever? June 4, 2010
78 The Middle Batlle: Part 2 Raven's attempt has failed, and the Titans countinue to fight Trigon. In this long awaited battle, all the Titans team up their last attacks with all the rest of their energy and the end of their new powers to defeat Trigon, for good. June 4, 2011

Season 7:(2013-2014)Edit

Title Airdate
Mad Mod's School for Bratty Superheroines


Title Summary Airdate
"Last Battle" TBA August 1, 2014