Kevins father,Cyborg is much like him.Kevin has robotic parts has a obsession with Bacon and eggs.His mother is currently unknown as he doesnt wish to share it.

Meeting the TitansEdit

When a strange monster was attacking the city he went to go find out what was happening.When he got there,there were 3 others attacking it.He joined in by shooting a huge laser from his gun from behind festino, Crow then later suggested to form a group called Teen Titans after Miya came to help.

With the TitansEdit

Kevin enjoyed the missions with the others.Whenever they were argueing or something he would step in and tell them to sort themselves out or he would kick them off the top of the tower.Other then them times he was actually quite friendly.

Fall of the leaderEdit

When Crow left the team,Kevin did not let this put him down.He appointed himself the new leader and tried to help the others stay normal without Crow there.Kevin was annoyed that Crow had abandoned them.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Kevin is kind and polite but when you mess with him he can get really angry.