Green X
Green X
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Red X (thinking he was Red X of Teen Titans' reality)
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence Jump City
Species Human
Affiliations Teen Justice
Friends Unknown
Family Black Hawk
Powers & Abilities Proficient Martial Artist
Olympic Athlete-level Strength
Weapon A super-powerful Xenothium-powered suit and utility belt filled with with many various gadgets:
An invisibility switch on the belt's front button and weapons with 'X' shapes
Xarangs or X-shaped shuriken
Green X-shaped expanding lasers
Piles of sticky goo that he can shoot from his gloves
Likes Martial arts
Making Jokes
Dislikes Losing battles
First Appearance Green X
Voiced By Scott Menville


His personality is a cross between Robin and Beast Boy. He is leader of Teen Justice, the Teen Titan of this reality.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physically, Green X is an accomplished acrobat and martial arts.

Green X's powers derive from his suit's belt. The belt relies on power from a (possibly artificial) element called Xenothium. The suit is also fitted with an invisibility or cloaking device, and a teleportation device. The palms of his gloves can also form X-shaped manifestations which can act as shuriken, wrist-mounted blades, restraints (by constriction or adhesion), timed explosives, instant openings, or any other conceivable function.


Teen TitansEdit

The Teen Titans of our reality fell over into the Mirror reality and first meet Green X the leader of Teen Justice. They both work together to stop their countparts of this reality, Robin is know as Black Hawk and is leader of the Hood of Darkness (possibly their reality of the Brotherhood of Evil). After defeating their countparts, the Teen Titans return to their reality.


Teen TitansEdit

  • Green X