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1st drawing of Festino




Speed,strength and flight


Currently unknown


Funny,stupid,serious (sometimes) weird



Festinos parents are currently unknown.She looks like a normal girl when she isnt.She can fly,run super fast and has super strength.

Meeting the TitansEdit

Festino met the other titans when a huge monster was attacking the city.She went to go see what was going on and saw crow fighting it alone.He began demanding that she was not to help,she did help and some others came to help with the attack.So the new Teen Titans were reformed

With the TitansEdit

Festino liked the other titans,Miya was a tad to sarcastic at sometimes though.She sometimes volunteered to cook the meals,but she either burnt Miyas ice-cream,kept the pizza frozen,Scrambled Nightfangs tofu and doing something strange with Kevins bacon and egg.She enjoyed going on missions,but when Crowdied everything changed for them.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Festino is pretty stupid at sometimes and is not good at describing things well.She can be serious at sometimes but not alot.She has super speed which annoys Crow because he never wins a race against her.

Her outfit is A blue hoodie,orange shirt,a wizard hat that has eyeholes for her eyes,and trousers.