Felyne the FilonianEdit

Felyne(pronounced Fee-line) is a Teen Titan from the planet Filonia.He possesses the abilities of all big cats but prefers to mostly use a lion form.


Felyne possesses many abilities such as transforming into a lion filonian,a tiger filonian,a panther filonian,a jaguar filonian,a leopard filonian,and a cheetah filonian.However,in cheetah form,he can run for long distances at super speed without getting tired.He can transform into his filonian forms in rapid sucession and use claws and fangs to fight villans.


Normally Felyne assumes the appearnce of a house cat filonian that has white fur,yellow eyes and a long tail.He wears black pants made of the same material as Robin's cape.In lion and other big cat forms,he has the appearnce of the cat but more in human proportions and looks humanoid.


Felyne comes from the planet Filonia.His father Leo and mother Tigera sent him and his sister to Earth when the Kaynines were attacking.He does not know where his sister Melynx landed,but he landed in Jump City,next to Titans Tower.As he whizzes past shooting towards the ground,Starfire remarks that she sees something weird.1 minute later,the ground near the tower shakes.Raven goes out to investigate and meets Felyne.She brings him to the tower where she explains that Felyne is probably the thing Starfire saw flying past.Felyne then asks if he can join the Teen Titans.Robin replies that if he can prove himself a hero,Felyne can join.Felyne then proves that he is a hero when he defeats a Kaynine droid.He later becomes the only Filonian member of the Teen Titans.



Raven found Felyne when he fell to Earth.He and Raven share an apparently somewhat romantic relatonship with Raven


Felyne and Starfire are good friends.What amazes Starfire is that Felyne is always willing to try her Tameranan dishes.


Melynx is Felyne's younger sister.Felyne is searching for her currently

Beast BoyEdit

Felyne and Beast Boy are best buds.Beast Boy is simalar to Felyne as he can morph all cats.