Deadpool (real name Wade Winston Wilson) is a mercenary/anti-hero.


A former member of Weapon XI, Deadpool switched to the Brotherhood's side following Weapon XI's destruction by the X-Men. Deadpool later tranquilized the Hulk, along with Liger, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Superboy, Raven, and Batman and dragged them off to a rebuilt Weapon XI base. Deadpool later openly calls Magneto a pain in the ass while talking with the captured heroes. He then questions why the authors have skipped most of Dennis Fielder's X-Men Evolution: Season 5. He later says that they captured the Hulk to help him find his happy place. He then flirted with Rogue until Mystique gave him a death glare, and he explained it away by saying that it was hard to turn off the charm after seeing, and shooting, a woman's rear end. He then told Liger about how much a new Brotherhood member named Nos hated Liger and attempted to shoot him in the head. The bullet ended up being stopped by Liger's adamantium skull. Deadpool then witnessed Banner get turned into the Gray Hulk and his return to his regular Hulk state. He