Darkspore Virus

Darkspore Virus mist

Darkspore Virus a.k.a Dark Nanite Syndrome is a powerful, corrupted version of the Nanite Syndrome. It can be a dangerous bioweapon in the laboratories.

Birth of DarksporeEdit

As the nanites flowing through the spores, the corroduim crystals and Black Lantern energy mixed together with the nanites, it it became corrupted, and kills anything it touches. One scientist injects a corpse, it reanimates the dead, and start to mutate. The infected run spree for more energy of dark nanites. As the bioweapon virus begins to go dark, the mist flies to the laboratory sending the bodies to reanimate, mutate, and raging animal monsters. If Ultimatrix Nanite Syndrome is fused with Darkspore, The DNA of the Omnitrix aliens begin to malformed.


There are the effects on the host of Darkspore.

  • They become more poerful than the other nanite powered subjects.
  • Droven madness.
  • Mutating.
  • When a subject uses too much Darkspore Virus, it will become a 15 feet tall monstrous super mutant.
  • when a subject dies from the virus, it reanimates the dead body, and then starts mutating.

Common InfectedEdit

The common infected were average infected of Darkspore Virus. There just infected people with black rashes, short claws, and sharp teeth.