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Tameraian: flight, star bolts, alien strength


Robin (Father), Starfire (Mother)


Serious, Controling, Charasmatic


Crow is the son of Starfire and Robin. Like his father before him, he's the leader of the Titans. He can shoot starbolts and fly, being 1/2 tamerainian.

Meeting the TitansEdit

When a monster was attacking the city, he head out to defeat it, but then some strangers with powers came and helped. He formed a friendship with them and soonly reformed the new Teen Titans. Hearing that a new The leauge of E.V.I.L had been formed, it was the duty of him and the Titans to stop them.


With the TitansEdit

After many missions to save the city, Crow realised that there was a link in the attacks. After fighting one of the badguys, he found a chip. With the Titan's computer he scanned it and saw blueprints for a machine that could clone soldiers. He, in secret, went to the evil base and found The leader. Crow confronted him and asked what he was doing. The leader called for an ambush and Crow called on for the Titans to help and they came. They fought and defeated the leader. Many missions followed.

Fall of the leaderEdit

Crow kept in contact with the leader and slowly he and the Titans started to drift apart, eventually after weeks of thinking, he joined the league of evil and left the Titans for good. He then went on to become the leader's most prize possesion. Crow fought the Titan's on various occasions when their missions clashed, which lead to the heart brake of fellow Titan, Miya, who secretly admired him from afar. On one mission, he had to blow up a volcano which would destroy the habitat of rare animals who were on the brink of extinction, the Titans stopped him but during a fight between him and Miya he fell into the volcano's core.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Crow wore a mask similar to his father and acted very much like him. His hair and powers were like his mother's, execpt instead of Green starbolts he has red.

He could be very distant at moments and had some very akward moments with fellow Titan, Miya, who had a secret admiration for him.