Father: Noble Shinobi warrior


Ninja Powers/ Ninjitsu


Leader, couragious, noble, patient.


Ayame was born and raised in japan, after learning to be a ninja, she head off to america and helped out in places to fight the league.

Meeting the TitansEdit

When the evil 5 were attacking the city, Ayame came. She helped take them out with her Ninjutsu powers. She only spoke japanese, so when she spoke to the titans they didn't understand. Crow, being 1/2 tamerainian, kissed her and instantly understood her language. Ayame understood but Crow has had a crush on her ever since, much to the annoyance of Miya. She was then made one of the Head Titans, and helped fight, but then she went solo.

Titans EastEdit

After many other heroes were made into titans. Ayame decided to bring some Honorary titans together to become the titans east, to make the east side of the city safe when the Head Titans were away.